Advantages Of The Tour Vs. Liveaboard

Komodo Resort is located on Sebayur Area, the boat ride of one hour in the Dragon Trip. Many thanks very much... We did aday of diving find out a really well-organized, skilled staff of crew and jump experts, so happy and to review the dive center to find a leap core working so effectively in all aspects... Amazing !! that is management! White Komodo Beach, which overlooks an Indonesian reef that is sensational, is just a 1.5- hour boat trip away.

We're also dealingofficial scubadiving equipment of Beuchat (German scuba equipment) and our dive center is equipped with the top quality of BEUCHAT equipment's for enjoying one of many most lovely diving invest the Planet: The Komodo National Park. Hotel is provided by us for visiting Komodo and Flores area and giving you a complete komodo island bali offer for an incredible stay for scubadiving. There's major fishes tracking actions, a fantastic and massive selection of fishes, breathtaking and untouched coral reefs, and pelagic fishes at dive sites around the National park will make your dives outstanding. With Dragon Komodo, you'll be able to fulfill all of them year-round to respect their dancing.

Thank you greatly... We did aday of diving find out a very well organized, qualified workforce of dive masters and staff, so pleased and to review the plunge middle to locate a dive centre managing so nicely in-all facets... Fantastic !! that is management! Green Beach, which overlooks a sensational Indonesian reef, is a 1.5- boat trip away.