Good Clean Fundraiser supplies a rewarding and highly effective fundraiser method etc., for Faculties, Youth Groups, Squads and Athletic Companies, Churches, non-profits We promote Good Quality water laundry soaps and textile softeners produced by a sizable detergent supplier here in the united states. The laundry soap is sold in 5 gallon buckets for about $45 which involves about 7 dollars per oz when many individuals are spending 13-15 cents per ounce in the grocery store. One of many companies promoting soap for fundraiser is Good Clean Fundraising (or 800-680-3775). I'll check for additional companies doing this (if you will find any businesses) and post an update for many who need to pursue this as a fundraiser option. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has found Tide (powdered, not fluid) in five-gallon buckets imported from Vietnam being marketed in Houston.

Below it is 6 months later and I may only find one-half-means good effort at marketing Tide in five-quart lemon(!) buckets and I bet they're off of Facebook within a day with this being submitted. I uphold my claim that Wave in five- containers isn't a P&H product and is thus fake. Hold is strategy to rich for my body anyways and I find Supply & Claw approach simpler to wash with anyways. Confidential, yes, you need to believe that any detergent marketed in five-quart buckets is fake Hold (using the exception of the industrial edition that includes a professional name).

If you can please post our details for anybody interested in getting soap for there fundraisers or new fundraiser account that might prefer to be set up. We will be certain to explain to them what these products are and the things they can't to Detergent fundraiser selling products under trademarks do when it comes they don't possess. The Vietnamese Hold is produced differently as opposed to American Tide and you mightn't like it. Allow the consumer be informed.